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Monday, February 21st, 2005

Subject:This is Important
Time:2:30 pm.
i'm pretty sure this'll be my last update in this journal. my other one is redfromromance_ so go add it.
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Friday, February 18th, 2005

Time:9:53 pm.
Mood: discontent.
So i'm getting bored with my hair again... should i:

[] dye it black and put some blonde in the front

[] mainly black, but with blonde and red chunks

[] all black

[] black chunks in my current color

[] refresh it so it's more red

[] leave it

or any other suggestions?
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Thursday, February 17th, 2005

Subject:This Song is Good and TRUE... Give it A Minute of Your Time, it's Amazing...
Time:6:06 pm.
Mood: confused.
Cursive- "A Gentleman Caller"

your gentleman caller,
well he's been calling on another
he loves his forbidden fruit
and as it dribbles down his chin
he cries, "baby, i've been drinking with some friends! Now how bout a little kiss..."
bad boy! rub his nose in it!
what a mess
and he's playing dumb
"doo do doo..."

i'm not looking for a lover
all those lovers are liars
i'd never lie to you
you say you want to get even?
yeah you want to get your bad man good?
well are you in the mood?
you bad girl!
does it feel good being bad?
and getting worse?
"doo do doo..."

but in the morning
on the sober dawn of Sunday
you're not sure what you have done
who told you love was fleeting?
sometimes men can be so misleading
to take what they need from you

whatever you need to make you feel
like you've been the one behind the wheel

the sunrise is just over that hill
the worst is over
whatever i said to make you think
that love's the religion of the weak
this morning we love like weaklings
the worst is over...
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Tuesday, February 15th, 2005

Time:9:53 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
how my valentines day wentCollapse )
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Monday, February 14th, 2005

Subject:Atreyu- This Flesh A Tomb
Time:9:16 pm.
Mood: high.
i listened this song on the way home today:

i feel eyelashes on my cheek
and they lacerate my flesh
a pain so good
put your hand in mine
never let go
never wake up cause i'm done with promises
i'm taking blood oaths
feels likes you could kiss my imperfections
my imperfections away
and i would stand
stand by your side
until the sun turns the sky
all the colors i see in your eyes

i'll never need to see the sun again
there's enough light in your eyes to light up our little world
so take me, take me away
kill me slowly, i'll never be the same

i swear to you on everything i am
and i dedicate to you all that i have
and i promise you that i will stand right by your side
forever and always until the day i die

the bite marks on my neck never felt so good
i'm losing control and it's all that I can do
not to black out and fall into lust with you
your kisses infect me...

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Sunday, February 13th, 2005

Subject:A Friendly Reminder For Myself
Time:9:44 pm.
Mood: apathetic.
those slurred whispered serenades meant nothing.

i'll admit that i'm just a fool for you
i'm just a fool for you

here is where we both feel wrong...
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Subject:War of the Robots
Time:10:31 am.
Mood: tired.
Another interesting weekend went by, today not counting as "the weekend" because it is my day of rest.

Another interesting weekend went by, and i can't write about it in detail. Too scandalous... you know how that is. Ask and you shall receive (details)... as long as i like you and/or you don't have a big mouth. This means that Tim will never know what i did this weekend unless someone else tells him. Teee.

An outline:
FRIDAY i went to pick up Kim and we went to the U-District and shopped around for a bit. i got 3 new shirts (total- $15) and Kim got black hightops with hot pink details. They're hot. Then we drove around a bit and ended up going past Studio 7. Then i picked Michaela and Chase up and we went to Canyon Park to wait for Mike to call us. This is when we saw Taylor and Trent, and Michaela invited them to the party too. There were a lot of people there and um, beverages and um, i enjoyed plenty.
SATURDAY i woke up in his arms, which was a bittersweet feeling. More on that if you ask. We watched cartoons and MadTV until 3 in the afternoon. Alex was sleeping the entire time and when someone would try to wake him up, he would yell, "I'M SLEEPING, ASSHOLE!" Then he would punch whoever tried to wake him in the balls and immediately go back to sleep. i love my friends. When i got home, i took a shower then laid down and watched TV until i fell asleep at around 7:30. Ah.

In other news, my cat's butt is like infected and the vet is closed today.
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Tuesday, February 8th, 2005

Subject:Boom Swagger Swagger
Time:6:06 pm.
Mood: blank.
I MADE A NEW JOURNAL redfromromance_ for creative writing only. This one will remain for outlines of my fabulous, interesting life.

You scored as Mindfuck. Congratulations, you scored Mindfuck. You've probably seen a lot of movies, and have grown to hate mainstream shit. You're looking for the movie that will leave you breathless, and with 21 questions to think about. Check out: Donnie Darko, Being John Malkovich, Pulp Fiction, Memento.




Sadistic Humour






Romantic Comedy




Mindless Action Flick


Movie Recommendation.
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Yeah, pretty much.

In other news, my signed CD came in yesterday. Go me. LOOOK!Collapse )
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Sunday, February 6th, 2005

Subject:This Movie Has Two Things "Finding Nemo" Doesn't: Rape and Murder
Time:3:55 pm.
Crazy weekend. Chyeah.

And i stayed up until 4:30 this morning watching A Clockwork Orange and anime with Alex.

You Belong in 1968


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1950 - 1959: You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

1960 - 1969: You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too.

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1980 - 1989: Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

1990 - 1999: With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!

i wish kissing was still meaningful.
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Friday, February 4th, 2005

Subject:Good Story
Time:5:55 pm.
Mood: bitchy.
i ripped my tights in physics today.

the end.

i'm lovin these quizzilla things hahaCollapse )
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Thursday, February 3rd, 2005

Subject:i'm scared of them but...
Time:2:53 pm.
Mood: amused.
You scored as Mushrooms. Shrooms! You're still goin for one of the most natural drugs. You'd like to visit a whole other world, and see things you've never seen before. Fucking trippy.
















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hahaha awesome picture
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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005

Subject:i Love This Part
Time:10:21 pm.
Mood: apathetic.
...All of this then back again
Another girl
Another name
Stay alive but stay the same
It's just the same
A stupid game

But I don't care if you don't
And I don't feel if you don't
And I don't want it if you don't
And I won't say it
If you won't say it first
...Let's go to bed...
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Tuesday, February 1st, 2005

Time:10:10 pm.
Mood: awake.
You scored as Punk and Pop Punk.. Punk and Pop Punk.


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Indie Rock


Emo & More




Classic Rock.




Hip Hop and Rap








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EVEN POP PUNK! YEAH! Except most their voices get irritating after a while.
i can't believe they put Zebrahead with the real punk. And they forgot the Exploited.

A CHANGE OF PACE popped up on the main myspace music page with a little bio. Cute. Go check 'em out now 'cause they're gonna be big...

You scored as Punk/Rebel.






Ghetto gangsta








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hahahaha 63% ghetto gangtsa.
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Monday, January 31st, 2005

Subject:Gun + Gun = Bang Bang Bang
Time:4:16 pm.
Mood: cold.
The sky looks peculiar as i look out my window this afternoon. It's not exactly cloudy, but it isn't sunny either. i know this sounds really cheesy, but it sort of reminds me of my life. i mean, i don't really have anything to complain about-- my decisions are my own (except for the things my parents force me to miss out on-- to protect me, of course) and almost every unfortunate occurance is my fault. i could have prevented my sorrows. i have a lot of fun, but i always seem to find a downside. This lifestyle of partying by no means is getting old, but i always regret something that happens when i'm not in complete control of myself. Most people probably wonder, 'why don't you just stop then? i mean, there's fun to be had while being sober." i realize that there is, but intoxication is such an- an escape (could i be any more cheesy? we'll see...). i love the way it feels. i feel so light -physically and mentally- and carefree. Carefree is important. Lately i've been losing sleep over- well, i've been losing sleep. i got around two hours of sleep last night. i went to bed at 9 o'clock, but sleep wouldn't come. My mind was just so active that i could not force sleep. i just laid there alone in the darkness and unpleasant thoughts for eight hours. Eight hours. The thing is, i really, really like these two boys. One likes me for sure-- or did, before the party on Friday. We were practically "together." The other is just a slut but i like him anyway-- i have wanted him since last school year. The most amazing part is that this time last year i didn't even think i would ever even talk to him. Ever. Sometimes it does seem that he does have feelings for me, something i heard him say on Friday night especially stands out. No matter, i'm still alone. Or at least i feel that way. Everything just seems so empty.
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Sunday, January 30th, 2005

Subject:Put That in Your Book
Time:5:47 pm.
Mood: blank.
Friday night is another crazy one for the books. First i went to Michaela's and shortly Pat and Levi came over.

Hooray for being the designated driver.

So then we went to Mill Creek to see A Kiss Farewell, Lines into Phoenix, Sleep Terror and Black Hand. We were late so we missed part of Lines into Phoenix... but i enjoyed what i saw, of course. Dude. Sleep Terror is so sweet. it's just these 2 guys and one plays guitar and one plays drums. They are SO GOOD. SO GOOD. Missed Black Hand, but talked to them after the show. Good people. A Kiss Farewell is not as good without Shane. Makes me sad. But of course they still are good.

Surprising people is fun. i told Andy that i was going to the Kirkland Teen Center... so when i showed up he was all "OMG!" And Sean was there. And Brittany and Ani and Alex. And Devon and Nate (who was wearing the same hoodie as me... o m g) and Dick Bulgin. And Tasker's brother. He got in my car and was being a jerk but for some reason i still think he's purrdy cool.

Afterwards we decided that Michaela, Pat, Levi, Andy, Sean and i were going to hang out. So we get to Michaela's and figure that we should probably drive Levi and Pat to their destinations.

So after coming back from driving to Seattle, Andy and Sean picked Michaela and me up and we went to this party. Little did i know that one of the guys who owned the apartment was this guy in my graphic design class sophomore year. We talked about that for a bit. Good times. Also, Alex Means was there. i love that kid. And Mike Witham. i was really excited because there were soooo many cool people and soooo many of them coming up and introducing themselves to me.

Oh yeah, most people were already thoroughly intoxicated.

i did some drinking and hmmm... things happened, as they tend to do after i have a drink or 3. i made two people angry with me that night. i wouldn't leave when Michaela had to go home, thus ditching her. The other person was Andy... and well, you're just going to ask me why he got mad at me.

BUT i did have a lot of fun.

HOKAI SO, for some good, clean fun i went to Kim's and she's a rad kid so it was tons of fun.

i got pictures!Collapse )
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Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

Subject:Hey, Lois, diarrhea.
Time:4:21 pm.
Mood: tired.
So there's this band called Melt Banana... and i think i've written about them before in here... and they are the band that SNL made fun of in that episode with Cameron Diaz (which i have on tape, by the way!). i have no doubt in my mind now because i looked at their discography last night and their song titles are stated in the sketch. Gosh, it's so funny.

script for the Crash Papaya sketchCollapse )
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Tuesday, January 25th, 2005

Subject:it's A Small World After All
Time:4:56 pm.
Mood: nerdy.
i'm sure no one cares, but Gift of Prophecy is playing with Highway Bandits to Europe. Too bad i just read this in The Stranger like 2 min ago and the show's at like 6:30. EDIT: it's tomorrow. Too bad i still can't go. Damn math final! GOP is Taylor, Ryan, Matt from Bothell. i met the kids from HBTE at Malibu Club. Weird.

ALSO, i'm getting really excited for this Norma Jean, Atreyu, Unearth, and Scars of Tomorrow show. Like REALLY excited. So far away...


The Witch.

What was your job in a past life? (LOTS of results & Anime Pics)
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A newt?
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Sunday, January 23rd, 2005

Subject:This Machine...
Time:8:02 pm.
Mood: sick.
i'm not dead, just sick and tired. True in separated adjectives and as the cliche.

Asa Phelps Is Dead

hey brother can you spare a dime
skin and bones that's melting in a backwards way to grow
out of heart and out of mind
and kiss me in the rearview when you go

dying at twenty-three, i'm trying on my apathy
with a tired conversation floating in this ether sky
tried again too many times, and doesn't it get worse
sit and stare

seems like we're running out of dimes
bodies that we burn as fuel, irreversible decline
pocket lint and turpentine
warm my insides, wash these ashes from my eyes
death with an attitude, i'm putting on my sunday suit
tired as a conversation held one too many times
a year or two or three or ten or twenty more

spoken in the song is this, a reference to The Stranger (YAY):

"So close to dying, Maman must have felt free then and ready to live it all again. Nobody, nobody had the right to cry over her. And I felt ready to live it all again, too. As if that blind rage had washed me clean, rid me of hope for the first time. And in that night, alive with the signs and stars I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world. Finding it so much like myself - so like a brother, really - I felt that I had been happy, and I was happy again. For everything to be cunsimmated, for me to feel less alone, I had only to wish that there be a large crowd of spectators at my funeral, and that they greet me with cries of hate."

i love the Lawrence Arms. if you haven't heard them, go now.
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Wednesday, January 19th, 2005

Subject:creating something out of nothing, only to destroy it
Time:7:05 pm.
Mood: blank.
In literature as in love, we are astonished at what is chosen by others.
Andre Maurois (1885 - 1967)

i am

in love?

i haven't felt this way in a long time.
and the last time was the first time.

EDIT: Just kidding... i hate boys. Not really, but they're just not worth it.
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Tuesday, January 18th, 2005

Subject:Fricken Cricken Grifjkmcn'
Time:5:58 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
this is why i love ChelseaCollapse )
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